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We’re a team of financial ninjas who want you to bank like it's 2023.

As a team, we shared a vision of putting mindful finances into a habit of young Indians. Briefly, we include tech aesthetes who want to integrate technology, design and money psychology to introduce Indians to an app that makes them blissed out with their finances.

Applying fierce monetary knowledge while creating a fun space for those who fear or feel stressed out by the word “savings”, we hope to deliver a behavioural revolution in handling your money.

Galgal Assemble

Galgal was launched in October 2022 and its growth has exceeded our expectations. The team has expanded to 14 members and we are now serving over 50000+ customers. Despite our success, our focus remains on creating the ultimate digital banking experience. 

At Galgal, we strive to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere that extends to our customers. If you reach out to us using the ‘Support’ feature, you can rest assured that you’ll be connecting with real people who are available to assist you 24*7.

The Spark That Led To Galgal
We found that people aged 18 to 29 wanted to budget, save, and invest, but didn’t know how to consistently do that. People get frustrated when they see a massive difference between what they want to save and what they can achieve. We want young, aspiring sound financial minds to know that each person has a different financial diet and Galgal’s AI empowers individuals to build their savings in a personalized design.


We decided to build a stress-free solution that could change banking for the youths in our country and simplify money management for all. Our name, Galgal, is a type of lemon in India–it represents our mission to help youths squeeze more out of their money.
Building The Emotional Connect

Galgal reduces stress by nudging users into making the right financial decisions and changing their spending behaviour. The app sends a notification to users when they’ve overspent or underspent and encourages them to stay on track. This nudge theory makes it much easier to know your spending habits, which is less stressful than calculating it from a bank statement. It’s not just about savings—users can see how much is in their guilt-free money category when they’ve saved a certain amount and paid for essentials. This way, they can buy something nice and be rewarded for working hard on achieving lifestyle goals. 

By establishing an emotional connection between the user and their budget, all money-related operations become more sustainable in the long run.

Our Reason For Being...Is You.

Galgal has designed tools that allow you to save stress-free, monitor your progress and automate your finances. Users can choose which category they want to track, and the app can provide exact figures on their expenses under those categories.

When you entrust your money to Galgal’s Pitchers, not only is it well-organized, but it also encourages you to adopt better banking habits and improve your financial behaviour. Our top features such as Gratitude Saver and Forgive Yourself enable you to set round-up savings goals, while the Dynamic Budget Split feature helps you to manage your budget effortlessly. Even if you are balancing casual pay or a side hustle, Galgal has got you covered. We are here to support you all the way!

Our Commitment To You

Galgal is committed to serving all users, regardless of their age, background, education, race, gender, or abilities. We value customer feedback and strive to incorporate it into our app to improve user experience. Click the “Support” button in our app to share your thoughts and shape the future of money with us. 

Our dedication to financial literacy, honesty, and transparency is central to our company values and creates a fulfilling work environment. We are committed to growing alongside our users and serving them better.

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Galgal means 'lemon'. We love that, because lemons are easy. That's exactly how we want your finances to be: joyously simple and utterly stress-free, so you can squeeze the most out of your money.​