Frequently Asked Questions

About Galgal

“In simple terms, Galgal means ‘lemon’. We celebrate the idea of lemons with our simple banking app because lemons are easy. That is exactly how we want your finances to be: joyously simple and utterly stress-free.
It is a banking app for youth that refocuses and improves monetary goals by
Classifying – Dynamic Budget Split feature classifies and distributes Income
Animating – Features like Rainy Day Pitcher and Gratitude Saver make money more interesting
Simplifying – All we want is to make the design with money simple for you”
“Please get in touch with us. We’re easy to reach and eager to help.
We recommend always starting at Level 1. If you feel your complaint isn’t resolved at Level 1, then take it up the chain to Level 2, and so on!”
“Level 1 -You can send an email to this ID: and mention the ticket number in the subject line.
In case you need to send us your complaint in writing, our office is at Umunthu Systems Pvt Ltd Unit 710, 7th Floor Trade Centre, BKC East, Mumbai, India 400051 “
“Level 2- You can send an email to our Customer Experience Head: and mention the ticket number in the subject line. “
“Level 3:
To connect with our Banking Partners’ Principal Nodal Officer: Name of the Nodal Officer:_Mr. Balamurugan V E-mail: “
“You don’t have to undergo any kind of credit check to open a Galgal account. We only perform Min – KYC checks. Beyond that, our only requirements for customers are:
Being at least 18 years old and a citizen or a legal resident of India.

“Unfortunately, you cannot sign up for Galgal without a PAN card.
It is a mandatory requirement for account verification.
Once you’ve acquired a valid individual PAN card, do try again.”

No, cash withdrawal is not allowed.


Sign up using your active phone number and create a new password for your Galgal account.

Your Galgal account can be opened by doing a Minimum KYC process. Enter your valid Permanent Account Number (PAN). We will validate your PAN and ask you for additional information such as an address, DOB, education occupation, etc. Upon submitting, we will open a Galgal account that includes the following: 1. A Galgal wallet opened with our partner Livquik. The wallet comes pre-activated with a virtual card. Additionally, you can order a physical card from the app 2. A virtual account that will receive any money deposited to Galgal 3. A UPI ID that can be used to send money to Galgal from your payment app using UPI
To open a Galgal account, you will require a valid PAN card with the mobile number linked to it so you can receive OTPs.
“The features of a minimum KYC account 1) The amount loaded during any month shall not exceed ₹ 10,000, and the total amount loaded during the financial year shall not exceed ₹ 1,00,000 2) The total amount debited during any given month shall not exceed ₹ 10,000 3) A Minimum KYC account can be held for a maximum period of 12 months only from the day of opening.”

It’s simple to deposit money in your Galgal Wallet.

  • Click the deposit button on the Home Page in Galgal app
  • You will be asked to enter the amount you want to deposit.
  • Now click on the “Deposit” icon and select your payment app (GPay, PhonePe, etc.).
  • Automatically, the page will redirect you to the payment app,
  • Complete the deposit transaction.

Digi Gold

The digital gold product by Galgal is an offering for customers looking for a convenient and secure way to invest in gold. One can securely buy, sell or accumulate 24k certified gold with 99.99% purity on the Galgal app.

9999 gold is the purest form of gold used for trading worldwide.
24 Karat gold is of 99.99% purity, and the gold you buy through Galgal is at least 99.99% pure.

Galgal has partnered with Augmont to help customers buy and sell 24k gold, which is 99.99% pure. Augmont Enterprises Private Limited is India’s leading state-of-the-art Gold and Silver refinery. It also operates the SPOT (Spot Precious Metals Online Trading) platform across India.

The price for Gold (i.e., buy or sell) is displayed on the Galgal App, and there is always a slight disparity between the buy and sell prices. The spread varies depending on factors such as price volatility, supply, and external market circumstances. On the platform, we transparently quote live prices. Furthermore, GST, which is imposed on the buy price, is not levied on the selling price, and there are other charges for payment gateways, trustees, and other services that contribute to the difference between the buy and sell prices.

The live price at which you choose to buy Gold will be valid for 3 minutes from the time you click on the option If you fail to complete the transaction by making the payment within the prescribed time limit, you will be redirected to the new live price, at which point you can restart the transaction to make a fresh offer to buy.

“The features of a minimum KYC account 1) The amount loaded during any month shall not exceed ₹ 10,000, and the total amount loaded during the financial year shall not exceed ₹ 1,00,000 2) The total amount debited during any given month shall not exceed ₹ 10,000 3) A Minimum KYC account can be held for a maximum period of 12 months only from the day of opening.”

Easy Account Opening: You can create your Galgal account in a simple and hassle-free process without paying any charges.

Minimum Quantity: You can buy Gold on Galgal for as low as Re 10

Better Prices The bullion is available at wholesale market prices.

No Additional Costs: Galgal does not charge any fees for storage or insurance.

Security: Your gold is stored in secure vaults that are 100% insured.

The buy-and-sell prices are quoted based on wholesale prices in the spot market by Augmont. We share the benefit of wholesale market prices with our customers, making us more competitive than others.

There is a 3% GST charge when you buy gold. There is no tax or GST levied when you sell Gold.

Physical & Virtual Galgal Card

Galgal provides a co-branded prepaid card issued by Livquik. This is a Visa card, valid only in India.
After opening a Galgal account you will be assigned a virtual card that can be accessed from the Cards Section.
Here you have an option to order a physical card to your present address.
The delivery will take between 5-10 days.
“On its arrival, Your card is already active. Set your PIN to start using it and track it on the Galgal app. Till then, you can use the virtual card.”
A virtual card is issued immediately upon opening a Galgal account. A virtual card can be used at any merchant location that accepts Visa cards online. The details of the virtual card are displayed in the application.

Customers who have done Min KYC can load up to ₹ 10,000 at any time.
Customers who can complete Video KYC can load up to ₹ 2,00,000 at any given time.
The card can be re-loaded as often as required, subject to the maximum amount applicable as per KYC status.

The validity of your Galgal Card is 3 years.
The Galgal card pin can be set/changed in the application. Click on Card on top right on the home screen > Change PIN
If your card is lost or stolen, immediately block your current card on the Galgal app. We will send you a new card right away. Your first card and its post-expiry replacement are free. All other replacement cards cost ₹250
Please check if you have activated your card. Please confirm the available balance is above the transaction value. finally, if your card doesn’t work at a particular merchant but other cards do, it is likely the merchant has not yet configured their systems correctly to accept our cards.
Reach out to Galgal Customer Support through email and we will ship you a new card after confirming that your address is correct.
Here’s how to reach us:
Card delivery is just like our browsing experience – Seamless!
We offer a first-class delivery experience through Speed Post. This means your card reaches you within 5-10 working days. Unforeseen conditions might affect this.
The Galgal card comes with a ZERO yearly maintenance fee

Yes, when you withdraw cash from an ATM, there is a nominal charge of ₹25. However, this feature is currently not applicable.

Galgal doesn’t charge you anything. But some merchants may charge payment gateway charges or surcharges for using the card for online and offline transactions as per the merchant and master directions from RBI on Prepaid Payments Instruments.

Everything about Savings & Pitchers

Guilt-free balance is the amount you can spend after your essentials are budgeted.
Thankfulness triggers patience and a willingness to hold out for greater monetary gain. Say you got something worth Rs.490 – and it made you go like “woohooo” – well, let’s put that good feeling into your savings! Set the Gratitude Saver to round up 10 bucks every time you’re happy and find more reasons to go “’woohoo”. Just set up a Gratitude Saver and round up the expense, putting those extra cents into your Guilt-Free Balance.
Not all things you buy will make you happy. Did the cupcake cost Rs.95 and had an awful icing? Set the Forgive Yourself Saver to round up 5 bucks every time you’re unhappy and watch your cents grow into centuries.
Essentials pitcher is a virtual pool within your account balance defined to set aside money to cater to your essential expenses. This includes expenditures on spending categories such as Home, Food & Groceries, Bills & Utilities, Health, Insurance and Children. The available amount in the Essentials pitcher is reduced with every spend categorised in one of the abovementioned categories. At the end of a budget period (one month based on the date you defined), the Essentials pitcher’s amount is reset and recomputed for the new budget period.
Rainy Day pitcher is a virtual savings pool within your account balance that is used to build up an emergency fund. With every inflow, the Dynamic Budget split rule allocates a certain percentage to the Rainy Day pitcher, as defined by you. This amount remains within your savings account and can be used any time you want. Maintaining this amount in the Rainy Day pitcher Galgal will always keep you aware of your accumulated savings.
A custom pitcher is a user-defined pitcher available to you to save money for a specific life goal such as a Bike, Phone, or a Holiday
While defining a custom pitcher, you can specify a target amount and a target date to meet your goal.
Money can be allocated to the Custom Pitcher either using the Dynamic Budget Split or any of the other Savings Rules.

Budgeting & Analytics

Galgal’s Dynamic Budget Split feature lets you break up your Income into different Pitchers as soon as your Money hits your account. You can tell Galgal to automatically divide your money into three pitchers: Essentials, Rainy Day and Guilt Free Balance. But you can create your custom Pitcher too, and ask Galgal to split your deposit into that. Just set aside a percentage, and let Galgal divide it up for you. The next time money lands in your Galgal account, your lemony friend will take care of your Essential expenses first. Because that’s important. Then it will set aside money in your Rainy day pitcher, and the rest will go into your Guilt-free balance.
Your Home Page feed will show you exactly how your money was split and organised, so you never miss a beat but always dance to the cha-ching tune.

Transaction stories are a unique way for you to interact with your transactions. You can categorise transactions and indicate recurring transactions using stories, enabling Galgal to provide insightful analytics.

Additionally, you can indicate your emotion associated with the spend (Happy or Guilty), which triggers our Guilty Pleasure and Forgive Yourself saving rules.

Don’t worry if you have not activated our dynamic budget split rule. You can manually top up & withdraw from our pitchers to manage your money.

Galgal automatically tries to categorise your transactions. However, you can manually type uncategorised transactions or re-categorize a transaction to one of the pre-defined spend categories

Account Info & Related Queries

“At the time of account opening, there will be a pop-up to set a PIN for the Galgal app.
You will not receive a separate login PIN by SMS for logging into Galgal.
If you want to change the PIN, follow these steps:

Tap on your profile icon on the home screen

Go to Security
Scroll to ‘PIN’
you can turn it on or off as per your convenience “

We can imagine how frustrating this must be. Immediately write to us at We’ll help keep your money safe till you get a new smartphone.

Please share the information needed to establish your identity.

We’ll block your Galgal account and Prepaid Card to prevent fraudulent activity.

Once you get a new device:
Try acquiring a duplicate SIM from your teleservice provider.
Install the Galgal app on your device. 

Now, log in using your previously registered email ID. We’ll verify your identity and automatically link your new device to your Galgal account. You can access your account after this.

“You can request a statement from Profile > Statements > New Statement. The statement will be emailed to your registered email ID”

“You’re just a single tap away from Galgal Account details.
Tap on your profile icon on the home screen
Click on Account details and you will find the following details

  • Account Type
  • Account Number
  • Card Details
“Your Account will automatically expire if no transactions have been executed in your Galgal Account for the last One Year. 30 days prior to the expiration of your account, our team will intimate you through your registered e-mail and / or SMS to your registered mobile number regarding the expiry of your Galgal Account. If no response is received within next 15 days, second reminder will be sent to you intimating you of the same of the expiry of your Galgal Account. If no response is received within 30 days of the first reminder, any Amount Available in your account shall be forfeited to LivQuik. LivQuik reserves the right to recognize the forfeited amount as income in the books of account.”

Transactions & Deposits

“If the payment declined on the merchant’s end but went through on your app, this might be because of a problem with their card machine. In most cases, the money will automatically be refunded within 7 days. If you think the merchant has charged you incorrectly or has failed to refund you as expected, you can dispute the payment. This process is called raising a chargeback. Before we can challenge a payment for you, you will need to reach out to the merchant in writing to request a refund and keep a log of your contact. This gives us the best chance of winning a dispute for you. If the merchant’s response is unsatisfactory or it’s been more than 14 days since you sent the initial message, please get in touch, and we can look into raising a dispute to recover your money. Please be aware we may not be able to credit you immediately depending on the strength of your evidence. The dispute process takes up to 3 months to resolve. If you have been a victim of fraud, don’t wait 14 days. Please get in touch with us straight away. ”
The quickest way to report unusual transactions is to contact us immediately and write to us at
In some instances, merchants won’t give us everything we need to show a transaction in your statement the right way, but your balance will still change. So it can look like everything doesn’t add up. This usually fixes itself within 24 hours when the merchant gives us what we need. If your balance still looks wrong once all your transactions are up to date please get in touch.
Once we receive your deposit, we will instantly put it in your account. Bank transfers typically arrive in seconds, but they can take up to one working day if the sending bank needs to run extra checks. If payment takes longer, check that the sender has entered the correct account details. If the details were entered correctly, but you still haven’t received your payment after one working day, we recommend asking the sender to get in touch with their bank.

There are multiple ways to deposit money into your Galgal account. Choose the one you find most comfortable.

1. Open your chosen payment app (GPay, Phone Pe, PayT, BHIM, etc.) and click on ‘Pay to UPI ID’.
Enter the UPI ID of your Galgal-linked virtual account and transfer the amount you desire.

2. COMING SOON -Click on the deposit button on the Home Page in Galgal app. You will be asked to enter the amount you want to deposit, and a UPI Virtual Payment Address (VPA) linked to your bank account. Click on the ‘Collect Request’ button. Open the payment app (GPay, PhonePe, etc.) to which you have mapped the VPA. Accept the collect request that is sent to the payment app.

Customers who have done Min KYC can load up to ₹ 10,000 at any time.
Customers who can complete Video KYC can load up to ₹ 2,00,000 at any given time.
The card can be re-loaded as often as required, subject to the maximum amount applicable as per KYC status.

As per the RBI guidelines, you cannot deposit more than INR 10,000 in a Min KYC PPI wallet.
If by mistake, you have deposited more than INR 10,000, the deposit will not reflect in your Galgal Account, but your bank account will be debited.
Not to worry, in this scenario, the excess amount will be refunded back to you from our provider’s end, LivQuik. It will take 5-7 working days to refund the money to you.
The remaining balance will be loaded into your Galgal wallet within 12 – 48 hours.Note -The excess money will be credited directly into your bank account.


“Think of it as a fun and rewarding way to invite your friends to try Galgal.
It allows you to refer a friend/family, and both earn INR 50 when your referee completes their first transaction using Galgal within 30 days.”
“Yes. A Galgal account holder can refer only if they’ve been active on Galgal. If you invite someone to join Galgal, you both must be 18+ and Indian residents.”
You can invite a maximum of 100 people. You can earn a total of INR 5,000 by referring your friends/family.
“Absolutely! Just make sure they use your unique referral code to sign up. Next, your referee should add some money and make the first card transaction using either the virtual or the physical card within 30 days of creating the Galgal account. You and your referee will automatically receive INR 50 in your Galgal accounts.”
“Hmmm… sorry about that. There could be several reasons why this happened. We’ll list out a few here: Each referral code is unique. Your friend may have used another one instead of the one you provided. Once they’ve signed up — they might have not completed their 1st transaction within 30 days or did it after 30 days. You’re rewarded for the first 100 referrals and you probably got 100 referral rewards already. That’s amazing, but that’s also the limit. That said, all our referral rewards get refreshed from time to time. So, consider spending a minute to check out our super-simple T&Cs related to such offers. In case your scenario doesn’t match any of these situations, feel free to write to us at”
Cashback will be credited to the Galgal account within 24-48 hours from a successful referral.


Profile> Personal Details> Present Address

First off, congrats on the shiny new device. And yes, you can quickly re-access Galgal on your new phone.

Follow these steps, and you’re golden:Install the latest version of the Galgal app on your new device. 

Tap on ‘Log in’.
Enter the phone number or email ID that’s currently linked to your account. 
Log in to your Galgal Account using existing credentials.

You can request a statement from Profile > Statements > New Statement. The statement will be emailed to your registered email address.

Yikes! There could be a couple of reasons why this is happening.

Here are some common ones:

Different number registered:
The mobile number you’ve used to sign up on Galgal is not currently present in the phone you’re using. So ensure that the SIM is physically present on the same device you’re using to sign up. 

Incorrect SIM selected:
If you’re on a dual SIM phone, make sure that you have selected the correct SIM. 

Network issues:
Maybe you’re passing through or currently located in an area with poor network coverage! If that’s the case, wait until you move to an area with better signal strength & then retry registering your phone. 

Server trouble:
Our partner bank’s servers could be temporarily busy. If this happens, retry again after a couple of hours. 

If you want to close your Galgal account permanently, please email to with your contact details, and our customer service representative will contact you to help you with the account closure.
You can change the Notifications settings under Profile >App Settings >Manage Notifications
Profile >Get help>Get in touch

Fraud & Safety

Never share your card details like OTP, expiry date, CVV or PIN with anyone.

GalGal staff will never ask for OTP. If you receive such calls, SMS or Emails, please inform us immediately.

Fraudsters posing as your Bankers/ Legal authorities can ask you to share your One Time Password (OTP) for any reason. Please do not share your OTP with ANYONE.

Never share your account details, card details or OTP (one-time password) with anyone on a call, SMS, e-mail or social media. Never click on any suspicious link, and if clicked by mistake, do not enter your account, card or OTP details. Choose a strong password that cannot be guessed easily.

Do not disclose your login ID or password to anyone.

Change your Galgal Card online password periodically. It is advisable to change your password every three months.

Never save your Galgal Card password at places where it could be accessed by anyone without your knowledge. Change your username or password immediately if you suspect any fraudulent activity on your account or if you think your credentials have been compromised.


“We’d love for you to learn more about our Privacy Policy. Please visit”
“We’d love for you to learn more about our Terms & Conditions.
Please visit”
“We have a co-branding agreement with LivQuik Technolgies for the Galgal Account and they will be the sole arbitrator in these disputes between the LivQuik Account Holder and the Merchant. LivQuik will conduct an investigation within 7 working days from the receipt of the complaint. The Galgal Account Holder may be required to furnish further information as judged suitable by LivQuik to rule on the validity of your dispute.
If the dispute is found valid, the amount charged for the payment will be refunded from the merchant and credited back to the source within 7 to 10 working days. However, if the dispute is ruled in the favour of the merchant then your payment will not be refunded to your Galgal Account.”