Gal Gal Money

In simple terms, Galgal means ‘lemon’. We celebrate the idea of lemons with our simple banking app because lemons are easy. That is exactly how we want your finances to be: joyously simple and utterly stress-free.
It is a banking app for youth powered by The Cosmos Co-operative Bank Ltd that refocuses and improves monetary goals by

  • Classifying – Dynamic Budget Split feature classifies and distributes Income.
  • Animating – Features like Rainy Day Pitcher and Gratitude Saver make money more interesting
  • Simplifying – All we want is to make the design with money simple for you.

If you are 18 years of age or older and are a resident of India with an Indian address, you are eligible to apply for a Cosmos Bank Savings account on the Galgal app. Make sure you have the following details handy when applying:

PAN Number
Aadhaar Number*

Don’t worry! We regularly back up all the information that you’ve entered. Please reopen the app, and you can continue from where you left off.

Our partnered Cosmos Bank is authorised as a service agent to provide services regarding PAN applications.
If you need more information about the services, you can check the link here

In case you want a callback, please visit here

Our expert will call you back at the number you provided within 24-48 hours to assist you further.

Note – For the application, you must submit two colour photographs of the applicant and a self-attested copy of the Aadhaar card.

Absolutely! The security of your personal information and your online banking transactions is of utmost importance to us. We maintain strict security standards to prevent unauthorised access to your information.

With the Cosmos Bank Savings account, customers can deposit and withdraw cash, transfer funds to other Cosmos Savings Accounts customers and other bank accounts, recharge mobile and DTH, pay bills, book tickets, pay shops, make online payments, and much more.

Accounts & Deposits

To open a Cosmos Savings bank account, all you need to do is an online verification using Aadhaar OTP and undergo Video KYC, which includes PAN verification and a call with our agent for verification purposes. That’s it!

Note – You need to be an Indian resident who is at least 18 years old.

We pride ourselves on our competitive interest rates, among other exciting features. For more details on the interest rates, visit ( Rates & Interest )

Your Cosmos Savings Bank account can be funded using UPI from the ‘Add money’ option in the Galgal app or by transferring funds from another bank.

You should block your debit card immediately by accessing the Card menu within the Galgal app. Once you’ve done this, you can request a new debit card.

No. The funds added to the Cosmos Bank account on the Galgal app can be transferred immediately to another bank account, except for transfers with a cool-off period of 30 minutes after adding a new beneficiary.

Banking Securities & Services

Enjoy the digital world of Cosmos zero balance by paying no charges at all!
This means –

  • No minimum balance charges
  • Free Virtual Debit Card
  • Free online fund transfer
  • If you select one of our additional services, such as a physical bank statement** or a chequebook*, there may be additional charges. For detailed features and charges, please check here

There are two ways to withdraw your money:

  • Through an ATM using a physical debit card.
  • You can also visit a branch to withdraw cash.

All Cosmos Savings bank accounts come with a free Virtual Debit Card on the Galgal app. Since it is not a physical card, it is called a Virtual Debit Card. It can be used for all online shopping and payments, similar to how you use a physical debit card. It is completely safe and secure.

Follow the steps below to view a Virtual Debit Card in the Mobile Banking App:

  • Log in to the Galgal App using your MPIN
  • Once you’ve logged in, click on the Card tab
  • Navigate to the Virtual Debit card tab to see the details
  • Virtual Debit Cards cannot be used at ATMs or Point Of Sale (POS) machines. If you wish, you can apply for a physical debit card as well.

Yes, you can! The steps to request a Physical Debit Card are as follows:

Login into the Galgal App
Navigate to the Card section
Click on Virtual Debit Card
Click on GET ONE NOW.

Note – The physical Debit Card is absolutely free!

Please don’t worry. The total amount will be credited to your source bank account within 7 to 10 working days.

Generally, funds are credited instantaneously. In some cases, it may take up to 2 working days to credit money to your account. If funds are not reflected after two days, please contact us with the transaction reference number.

An MPIN is a Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number. You will need your MPIN to log in to the Mobile Banking App to transact and manage your Cosmos Savings Bank Account.

Description Limits
Minimum Cash Deposit Amount 10
Maximum Cash Deposit per day (Home Branch) 2,00,000
Above limit charges (Home Branch) ₹2 per thousand
Maximum Cash Deposit per day (Non-home branch) 50,000
Above limit charges (Non-Home Branch) ₹3 per thousand
Minimum Cash Withdrawal Amount 10
Maximum Cash Withdrawal limit (per transaction) 25,000

Everything About Savings & Pitchers

Guilt-free balance is the amount you can spend after your essentials are budgeted.

The Essentials pitcher is a virtual pool within your account balance defined to set aside money to cater to your essential expenses. This includes expenditures on spending categories such as Home, Food and groceries, Bills and utilities, Health, Insurance, and Children. The available amount in the Essentials pitcher is reduced with every spend categorised into one of the above mentioned categories. At the end of a budget period (one month based on the date you defined), the Essentials pitcher’s amount is reset and recomputed for the new budget period.

Rainy Day Pitcher is a virtual savings pool within your account balance used to build up an emergency fund. With every inflow, the Dynamic Budget split rule allocates a certain percentage to the Rainy Day pitcher, as you defined. This amount remains within your savings account and can be used anytime. Maintaining this amount in the Rainy Day pitcher Galgal will inform you of your accumulated savings.

A custom pitcher is a user-defined pitcher available to save money for a specific life goal, such as a Bike, Phone, or Holiday.
While defining a custom pitcher, you can specify a target amount and date to meet your goal.
Money can be allocated to the Custom Pitcher using the Dynamic Budget Split or any other Savings Rules.

Budgeting & Analytics

Galgal’s Dynamic Budget Split feature lets you break up your Income into different Pitchers as soon as your Money hits your account. You can tell Galgal to automatically divide your money into three pitchers: Essentials, Rainy Day and Guilt Free Balance. But you can create your custom Pitcher, too, and ask Galgal to split your deposit into that. Just set aside a percentage and let Galgal divide it up for you. The next time money lands in your Galgal account, your lemony friend will take care of your Essential expenses first. Because that’s important, it will set aside money in your Rainy Day pitcher, and the rest will go into your Guilt-free balance.
Your Home Page feed will show you exactly how your money was split and organised, so you always catch every beat but always dance to the cha-ching tune.

Don’t worry if you haven’t activated our dynamic budget split rule. You can manually top up and withdraw from our pitchers to manage your money.

Transaction stories are a unique way for you to interact with your transactions. Using stories, you can categorise and indicate recurring transactions, enabling Galgal to provide insightful analytics.

Galgal automatically tries to categorise your transactions. However, you can manually type uncategorised transactions or re-categorize a transaction to one of the pre-defined spend categories.


If you are encountering a network error message, please follow these steps:
Ensure that you are using the latest version of the Galgal app.
Clear the app cache data, close the app, and restart it.
If the issue persists, please contact us at support@galgal.money.

You can lodge an online complaint on the Bank website: Complaint Link 

Alternatively, you can reach us via our 24*7 toll-free number, 1800 233 0234 or email at support@galgal.money.

For detailed information regarding charges & fees, please click on- ( Our Rates & Charges page link here ).